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(Creating an original, authentic essay is simpler than it seems)​

In this easy-to-read 16-page guide, filled with the best tips and information about writing college essays, YOU CHILD WILL:​

  • Be amazed that creating an original, authentic essay is simpler than it seems.

  • Learn how to go from having no idea of what to say to writing a piece that gives everyone who reads it a deeper insight into who they are and who they are becoming. ​

  • Discover how to tell their STORY through the lens of their own personal experience.​

  • Get the Brainstorming Questionnaire that will help them to discover what is important to them and the things to keep in mind as they write their impactful college essay.​

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And your child will be on the way to writing an amazing story to share with colleges across the country.

CollegeThoughts uses a proprietary methodology developed through 20 years of working to assist the target demographic, combining lessons in test preparation, application coaching and mental toughness to cause students to see that they have the capacity and grit to matriculate at top colleges. Our holistic approach looks at the entire life of the student, helping each to create the proper narrative to effectively tell their story.

We increase access by giving essential advice about finding the right places to apply, creating a concentrated framework for the application work, and then constructing the best package for admission for each student. Our students have attended all eight Ivy League schools and a host of other selective colleges nationwide. And without having to purchase a comprehensive package of services, you can determine which of our services you would like to engage to make an impact on your process.


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